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Below, you will find spooky stories and terrifying tales written by our team and published elsewhere. Please enjoy.

Our Stories Elsewhere

On this page, you can find details regarding any and all poetry, flash fiction, short stories, novelettes, novellas and novels from our team currently in publication from other publishing houses. Stay tuned for more updates…

Flash Fiction & Short Stories

J. D. Keown

Wild Violence

“Krodha”, by J. D. Keown

Wild Violence is the third anthology from Blood Rites Horror, and with a theme of nature and wildlife, this time we’re bringing you eleven bursts of gut-wrenching, pulse-shredding horror from twelve fantastic authors. From big cats to poisonous plants, forests harbouring dark secrets to bloodthirsty insects acting on instinct, lovers of violent, descriptive horror will find something to chew on here.

This anthology supports WWF UK, with all profits going to charity. Every sale counts, and if you can support us in any way as we raise money for this wonderful cause, then we appreciate it. Be sure to leave a review! And most importantly, enjoy stories from:

Spencer Hamilton
Mocha Pennington
L. Pine
Michael R. Goodwin
Carla Eliot
K. A. Schultz
Grace Reynolds
Sarah Roberts and Michael Benavidez
Aiden Merchant
Patrick Whitehurst
J. D. Keown

Read with care. In these stories, the bite is always worse…

Title(s): Wild Violence

Author(s): Nick Harper (editor), Spencer Hamilton, Mocha Pennington, L. Pine, Michael R. Goodwin, Carla Eliot, K. A. Schultz, Grace Reynolds, Sarah Roberts & Michael Benavidez, Aiden Merchant, Patrick Whitehurst and J. D. Keown

Publisher(s): Blood Rites Horror

Publication Date: 13th April, 2021

Page Count: 332 pages

Purchase Link(s):

Order Wild Violence on Amazon UK & US!

J. D. Keown

All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue #X

“What Ye Sow”, by J. D. Keown

Explore Evocative Imagined Realities

All Worlds Wayfarer is a quarterly literary magazine specializing in character-and-theme-driven speculative fiction. We celebrate stories that take readers on tours through wonderful and terrifying realms, evocative visions, and eye-opening new lives. When our readers come home, they should return ever so slightly changed for having made the journey. After all, the most powerful stories transcend, enlighten, and entertain at once.

Our autumnal equinox 2021 issue includes 15 stories spanning the speculative fiction spectrum:

Biological Conflict by K.T. Roth
The Meaning of Isolation by Josh Warriner
The Lady of Rêver by Shelby Cohen
Ascension by Gwen Montealto
After Death by Elizabeth Davis
Terrible Tilly Hunts the Cadborosaurus by Laurel Beckley
Dead Eyes by M.E. Proctor
A Simulation by Philip Charter
Riding with Euripides by Laura J. Campbell
Blood Brothers by Tom Howard
Widow’s Walk by Shannon Frost Greenstein
Joy Ride by Rowan Rook (Kindle Edition Bonus Story)
Upper G by Maya Djurisic
What Ye Sow by Joshua Keown
The Necromancer’s Husband by Ali LaForce

Venture beyond the mundane with the best of fantasy, science fiction, horror, and magical realism with this especially haunting issue.

Title(s): All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue #X

Author(s): Rowan Rook (editor), Geri Meyers (editor), K. T. Roth, Josh Warriner, Shelby Cohen, Gwen Montealto, Elizabeth Davis, Laurel Beckley, M. E. Proctor, Philip Charter, Laura J. Campbell, Tom Howard, Shannon Frost Greenstein, Rowan Rook, Maya Djurisic, J. D. Keown and Ali LaForce.

Publisher(s): All Worlds Wayfarer

Publication Date: 15th September, 2021

Page Count: 185 pages

Purchase Link(s):

Order All Worlds Wayfarer, Issue #X on Amazon UK & US!

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